Our goal is to accelerate the delivery of value for you organization, through world class solutions, built by exceptional teams, and guided by extraordinary agile professionals. In a world where those who attended a two-day training class are claiming to be an agile coach, our coaches have 20+ years in the software industry and 10+ years doing enterprise / team agile adoption. We've brought together an elite, experienced team of agile professionals to help you succeed in being Agile. No matter what people tell you – experience does matter.

We feel that true Enterprise Coaches are in the top 5% to 10% of our field. If we cannot provide that level of talent to the engagement we would rather not bid on a project versus Process Synergy Mastery Model5providing our clients with sub-par coaches.

So what can our clients expect from Process Synergy? We rate our team on 5 levels of mastery (see Figure): Practitioner, Educator, Consultant, Team Coach, and Enterprise Coach.

We don't search job boards or send announcements on LinkedIn® to find individuals to fill client needs. We don't provide staff augmentation. We provide Team and Enterprise Coaches with a proven track record.

Our coaches have worked together before and their relationships span many clients. This is highly beneficial because our clients deserve an experienced, high performing team that can hit the ground running without having to lose time and money for the “Forming” and “Storming” stages often associated with new teams.

This benefit is so tangible, that Process Synergy is often sought out and sub-contracted by larger vendors because we have the talent, the experience, and we are a high performing team.

So, if you are beginning your Agile journey, it’s stalled, you’re unsure of what to do next, or you want to scale agile for your enterprise please contact us at (484) 854-1354 or to discuss how we can get you on the path to success.