What makes attending a Process Synergy course unique? To put it quite simply, our instructors and our course design is what drives our uniqueness.

Our instructors are highly experienced and industry recognized, but more importantly they have deep, pragmatic, software delivery execution. In other words, before they are considered to teach the material they must have actually done this kind of work and have consulted and coached numerous software delivery teams over the years. This allows us to ensure they have a balance of theory with real world implementation.

What a novel concept, courses being taught by actual experts.

Our courses are designed using adult learning theory and leverage a “teach-show-do” model. They are designed and built for how adult students learn the concepts, not how an instructor wants to teach the topics. Our courses are workshop-oriented and are designed to have numerous interactions with between classmates and instructor. We believe that learning comes from both your peers and your instructors and our classes are planned to optimize this.

When selecting a course or curriculum, consider your individual or team skill level and consider requesting private training at your location or register for one of our public offerings. For complete mastery, take the entire curriculum in your chosen field of study. Courses vary in terms of length and prerequisites. Customization of Process Synergy's courseware to suit your specific training needs is always an option.

Please contact us at (484) 854-1354 or for a free, no obligation analysis of your training needs and for more information about our curriculum.